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USA Powerball

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USA Powerball winners

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How would you like to see the headline at the top of this letter come true?

Don’t laugh. It really can happen. In fact, your chances of making your dreams come true – and hitting a life-changing amount of jackpot money from the USA Powerball Lottery - are greater than they’ve ever been before…

Imagine: What Would You Do If You Won $528.8 million?   

That’s what the Robinson family from Munford, Tennessee were asking themselves when they won a share of the $1.6 billion US Powerball lottery jackpot in January 2016. They said the first thing they planned to do was pay off the mortgage and their daughter’s student loans, as well as donating to their church and other charitable causes

That’s what the Robinsons will do

But what would YOU do if you won $528.8 million?

Worried about the  Economy ?

With this kind of life-changing tax-free money flooding your bank account, you can wipe out all your debts in the blink of an eye. Maxed out cards? No problem– pay them off in full. Struggling with HP or car payments? Now you can pay for everything – in CASH. Mortgage or negative equity causing you sleepless nights? It’s a thing of the past – a long forgotten memory

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With the extra cash, you could pack in your job and enjoy the freedom to spend more time with anyone, because now you’re in control of your life.   Your Invitation To Scoop A Multi-Million Pound US Lottery Jackpot…   And the good news is…  all this is now within your reach . Why?  

Well… You may think that a U.S. lottery is only open to U.S residents, and until recently this was true.  However, for the first time ever, you now have the chance to enter – and win   the biggest lottery in the world – the U.S.’s Powerball Lottery (full details in a moment)

Speaking of which…   Here’s How The US PowerBall Lottery Draw Works…  

The USA Powerball is the world’s most popular lotto  due to the consistently high jackpots and high chances of winning a prize.    The minimum US Powerball Lottery jackpot is US $40 million (£27.44 million)  and  the record jackpot is US$ 590.5 million (£405.16 million ).    There are two USA Powerball draws each week , on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The usual way play the US Powerball Lottery you pick 5 numbers from 1 to 69, and a ‘Powerball’ from 1 to 26

If and when you match all 6 numbers, you’re a USA Powerball jackpot winner  

powerball record


…And Here’s Exactly How (And Why) We At  USAPOWERBALLintheUK.co.uk  Can Help You Win

‘The Big One’…  


When you play the US Powerball Lottery with us, we make it easy by starting you off with one completely free USA Powerball ticket.  We’re so confident that you’ll love our service that we’re willing to give this to you for  Free. No catch. No hidden clauses Just register with your full details inc credit card to ensure you're a real person and a the ticket to play the world famouse USA Powerball is all yours

USApowerball4UKplayers.co.uk –  Your Trusted  Lottery Partner

Who are we?  USAPowerball4UKPlayers.co.uk is an established lottery service that acts as a partner to GiantLottos.com the world’s largest and most trusted international lottery ticket purchasing service

They handpick the largest and most popular lotteries, which allows players to choose from international lotteries including Euromillions, UK Lottery, Spanish El Gordo raffle, USA Mega Millions and the USA Powerball

Since 2005, USAPowerball4UKPlayers.co.uk and  GiantLottos.com  have helped thousands of lottery players in every continent around the globe.  When it comes to   the USA Powerball draw, our staff members in Manhattan,   New York buy your USA Powerball tickets for you, and you can check your details on the internet

giantlottos reliable and trusted service

USAPowerball4UKPlayers.co.uk – Your Membership Benefits…

  • As one of our referred players, you’ll benefit from world-class customer service, highly competitive ticket prices, and transparent operations. In other words,  what you see is what you get
  •   Do you have any questions?  Then help is available from  giantlottos.com  staff via either live telephone or e-mail support.  That's right. Real people. Real support . You can also check how much you’ve won on our members-only website (full details sent to you when you join…)
  • Every registered player (including you) is allocated a dedicated account manager  to help you with advice when you need it and to give you peace of mind
  • If you want to play using your mobile,  GiantLottos.com  website has also been designed to allow you to buy lottery tickets ‘on the move’ via your smartphone
  • As a  GiantLottos  member, you’ll also receive bonus offers including ticket discounts, deposit matches and birthday gifts
  • Our system also guarantees that you’ll be the first to know when you win.  Speaking of winning......

“What Happens When I Win?”

1. We notify you via email, post or telephone  on confirmation of any win, shortly after the official lottery results have been published and validated.  We also telephone EVERY player with wins over 500 GBP

2. Your player account is automatically credited  with your winning amount after confirmation of lottery results

3. Full results of every lottery are also published on our website’s   results page  immediately upon verification of each draw

Get Your Free USA Powerball Lottery Entry Today And Receive  ‘Two Draws For The Price Of One’

Our  unique partnership with GiantLottos  not only includes a second to none online lottery playing experience, but also ensures that when you register via us you get a massive 100% cash back bonus on your first deposit:

  • Benefit #1 -  100% cashback on your first deposit
  • Benefit #2 -  A secure portal to order official lottery tickets in lottery previously unavailable to you
  • Benefit #3 -  Fast, efficient and reliable payouts at all times

Now You Can Play The World's Biggest Lottos from Your Couch

Gone are the days of having to call your long lost Aunty Milly in Washington State at 3am to play the world's biggest lottery draw (only to discover that she's absconded with the winning ticket after the draw anyway). You can now order safely and securely online in the knowledge that our trusted partners have been in operation for over ten years with a 100% payout record

"An easy way to buy official tickets for all of the world's biggest lotteries. I cannot recommend GiantLottos.com enough"

-  Bill Hendricks. Torquay. U.K

There's Even More Lottery Benefits...

  • #1 -   Real lottery experts  on hand to assist with your orders via telephone, email, or live support.
  • #2 -   Lottery winning tips  available to you for free 
  • #3 - Multiple payout options  including bank tranfser, cheque, e-wallet or even  back to your credit card
  • #4 -   Scanned tickets  to give you the ultimate peace of mind

How Many Winners To Date?

In the past ten years our staff have given the good news to thousand upon thousand of lottery winners ranging from a $1, match 2 win up to two $5 Million (3 Million GBP) jackpot wins. We have verified winners every week and maintaining a 100% payout record to date is no mean feat, but we're proud to have achieved just that

Even More FREE Things!

Join today and you'll be allocated your very own personal lottery adviser. A real person who will, on your request, advise you regarding the best strategies to maximise your winning potential

What will this Cost?

Firstly, the costs below are limited and only available via USAPowerball4UKPlayers  signing up to our partners at Giant Lottos  and only available on a first come, first serve basis

Average 1st 'real' deposit of 20 GBP

1 x complimentary PB Ticket

1 x 100% first deposit bonus

To become a paid up player of Giant Lottos with 6 x entries into the world's biggest lottery draw will, in real terms cost you a grand total of:              

20 GBP

-4 GBP

-20 GBP

-4 GBP

Given that entry into the UK National Lottery costs 2 GBP and jackpots rarely go above 15 Million GBP, playing for jackpots over $1.5 Billion (900 Million GBP!!!) really is no-brainer especially when you can start for FREE

Limited 100% FREE TICKET and 100% Cashback Bonus on Deposit

It's FREE. There's NO RISK!

If you don't want to continue playing after trying your FREE USA POWERBALL ENTRY then we shall delete your account.  No Question Asked

Ready to win – and win big?

If so…   Here’s How to Enter The US Powerball Lottery Prize Draw – And Win…   

Simply click this link and you will be redirected to a limited ‘’FREE USA POWERBALL TICKET‘’ ONLY for USAPOWERBALLintheUK.co.uk registrants on the Giant Lottos website

Follow the registration details and then enter your credit card details in order to validate your  FREE USA POWERBALL TICKET  (don’t worry, we absolutely will NOT ever charge your card. YOU are the only one that can do this).Then simply choose the numbers you wish to play and confirm your entry. Full details of your entry will be emailed to you. You can also download a receipt of your ticket order at any time on the website

The next prize draw will be taking place in less than 4 weeks time, so please make sure you enter today. After all, you could be the next ‘Robinsons’ and hit the life-changing jackpot yourself…   


Tim Taylor

Powerball in the UK Ltd.

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